Accumulate Wealth Saving
for Retirement

Saving for Retirement when done right is equivalent to wealth accumulation you cannot spend even in generations. Doing it right with the strategic use of Roth and Inherited IRAs with real estate investing is a real gateway to such wealth. When the right plan is engaged, saving money simply becomes mass accumulation of money over time.

An example in the US, due to social security reported to be at negative cash flow by 2017 and insolvent by 2040, coupled with true inflation in excess of 8% (much more than your interest accounts, turning your money into negative cash flow), your retirement has to be solely in your hands. The only way to overcome this giant obstacle is to utilize the power of compound interest and secured appreciating and controllable assets to surge over this mountainous wave.

One pragmatic pathway is to use adept real estate investors organized within an Investment Capital Management team, (contact us) to provide key information and guidance to  401 k investing, your 3rd party fiduciaries for a 401k rollover, IRA, inherited IRA into self-directed Traditional IRA and or Roth IRA that experience a compounding effect with controlled equity generation, secured to property investments and free from taxes. When engaged in its optimum capacity with your proffered diverse portfolio, the effective portfolio management of your investments will ensure that your savings for retirement is set up to extend wealth into generations to come. The question is, can your sample portfolio or investment funds be exhausted over generations or kept in excess by continuing the secured and compounding retirement savings strategy over generations to come?

So how is this possible and not just rhetoric? Let’s take a look into the reliable process. We will be minimizing the potential diminishing of your retirement savings from being exposed to the stock market which is not controllable and has no security attached to your retirement funds. The US Government realizing that pensions, social security and the stock market is not sufficient enough vehicles for saving for retirement, created IRAs for all to be able to save for retirement under a tax advantaged environment. IRA’s may grow and compound under investments tax deferred (Traditional IRAs) or tax free (Roth IRAs) to maximize the ability to build wealth. 401k loans may be obtained for reinvesting in high returns real estate sufficient to payback the loan funds and the profit used to increase the retirement account.

Adept and experienced, real estate investors can help secure your funds to property in a controlled expanding project where a combination of cash flow and equity build up can combine and generate high annualized returns. When this compounds over a period before retirement, accumulation of money results.

"Compound interest is the most powerful force on earth” – Albert Einstein.

Here is why compound interest causes rapid growth: You earn interest not only on the principal you invested but also on the interest it generates.

There is no question saving for retirement must be done in the most efficient, profitable and secured way to guaranty an oversupply of retirement funds. Engaging our self-directed and property investment approach to retirement savings, you and yours will be ready to Retire in wealth. We will be most honored to assist and get you started and win, contact our adept team today.

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