How to Invest Offshore (continued)

This is a road map to knowing how to invest offshore in emerging markets. Plan to invest or pool with others to invest at least $200k or more. Vehicles usable for investment depending on comfort level include the following introduced by your adept investment team: Recommended Private Equity funds, recommended small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) and recommended direct investments into Joint venture projects with professional management.

The general process is as follows:

1.      You have interest in looking into offshore emerging market projects and contact an adept  local management team.

2.      We discuss your areas of interest in doing business offshore and investment tolerance, how soon you will be interested in getting into an investment and facilitate an accredited investor verification.

3.      We will have several discussions on your investment processes, ancillary synergistic possibilities and our operations process. We will refresh you on our site content on offshore investing.

4.      Upon the existing relationship we soon establish with you, we will introduce to you markets, and potential investment opportunities within your preference areas.

5.      Upon selection of your industry and following due diligence, we will arrange preliminary reports, targeted reports and a preliminary business plan that will succeed in your area of investment.

6.      Arrangements to visit offshore emerging markets  key government officials (ministers, respective governors federal ministry of investment and trade officials, target investment projects, private equity companies, SMEs and or  potential partners.

7.      We will facilitate the process to doing business offshore and work with you to implement a final business Action plan.

 The result? Offshore business advantages and an opportunity to become highly profitable, enjoying a rich cultural society, create employment for many, minimize taxes and be able to repatriate 100% of your income out of the country as desired. The natural effect will inevitably be to continue investing offshore and increasing your net-worth perpetually. Knowing now the ingredients of how to invest offshore, for a fast start to offshore investing and profits, please contact our adept team today.

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