Income Investing at its Best!

Strategic Income investing is the fastest way to maximize return on investment using real estate in emerging markets, REits, dividend paying stocks and bonds, all found here.

Of all the investing techniques, there is no faster way to secure your investments and maximize your returns other than investing in the following emerging markets (booming markets) and vehicles. An optimized approach is discussed here using the right combination of real estate investing in booming markets, REITs, dividend paying stocks, Bonds and an adept active investment management team to bring you consistent and rising passive income. The right order and methodical approach is as follows

1.    Income Investing using real estate in booming markets with an Adept Real Estate Investment manager: This form of investing involves purchasing cash flowing/ cash generating property in US and offshore emerging markets. Generally in the US booming markets, multifamily properties that produce monthly cash flow, mortgage notes and Reits are highly recommended in that order. In offshore markets such as in booming Sub-Sahara Africa, development and sale of condominium housing, multifamily housing development of rental and sale units are low hanging fruit that have the highest profitable cash generating investments and here is why. Emerging markets (EMs) have a boom effect of rents, property appreciation, demand of real estate because of the large population influx into these areas and growth. Purchase and optimization for maximum income of a property (such as developing or improving income property to charge maximum rent or sale) add to the accelerating effect.

Property adjusts higher over inflation. All of these cause a terrific compounding effect on the income property resulting in higher returns than most other investments. They are obviously safest because:

a) The property provides security for your investment.

b) There is the ability to exert Control through optimized management of the asset (adjust income & expense) to meet market demands.

c) Strategic observation of the market cycle by your adept investment manager (contact our adept team today), will allow your property to ride the expanding market until it is the ideal time to exit before the market cycle slows and turns downwards. Exit through a sale at the right time will allow reinvestment into the bottom of another EM in another locality. Offshore emerging markets have additional economic drivers that help compound income generating property return even more and these are as follow:

i)     Government incentives for foreign investment such as tax holidays, land allocation, no cost development permits, 100% allowable repatriation of generated income and other free trade zone incentives all resulting in lower overall costs and boosts your income investing efforts.

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