Income Protection Insurance that Pays! (continued)

More advantages on Income Protection Insurance?

Legal Costs

Tenant stops paying rent and you incur legal costs to evict the tenant. You may be reimbursed up to $5000 for your costs which serves as another insurance policy against your expenses.

Tenant Vandalism

For example, you investment property is destroyed by a tenant who uses the rear patio, floor boards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards to fuel a bonfire in the backyard. Your repair and replacement costs are reimbursable after deductibles.

Theft of Tenant or Visitors

An example is if your tenant leaves without notice and steals your washing machine. The replacement will be covered after deductible.

Building repair and contents

If there is a fire or major damage to the building, the cost of fees to assess and the construction cost to rebuild is reimbursed and in most cases the contents as well.

So imagine having an income property that was found for you at a great price in an emerging market (booming market), the income was systematically increased through optimization and the expenses was strategically reduced and you have all your landlord insurance policy protecting the large increase in cash flow and new  much higher value of your property, how great is that? Well there is more, the effect of the emerging market is that the city your property was found in as en emerging market is experiencing great job growth and population influx, well property values are appreciating at its highest pace and there is a long line of tenants waiting to enter your building which there are not enough of to keep pace with the demand, what is the result? Higher rents and higher annual rent escalations and plenty of high return on investment for you the property owner. In essence, you are utilizing a multitude of economic drivers to accelerate the value of your investment and at the same time effectively protecting it.

For similar types of investments, it takes a specialist at selecting, finding, designing and managing emerging market properties. You can certainly start profiting in this way. For excellent cash flow investments in US and offshore emerging markets augmented with income protection insurance (contact our adept team today)

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