Investment Capital Management that Delivers! (continued)

What else can your Investment Capital Management do for you?

US Mortgage Notes investments

3. Investors interested in adding mortgage notes secured by collateral will be served by partnering with the Investment Capital Management to select mortgage notes provided for investment. The ICM will source quality performing notes for investment using innovative quantitative analysis and management, perform the due diligence, acquire it with the investor as the lion share partner, provide for third party cash flow collection and distribution; monitor the collateral/ real estate asset to ensure it is maintained and in case of default, mobilize the team to recover the property, re-note (write a new note) and or sell to recover investor’s principal for a high return. The ICM operates pro-actively to ensure the passive investment of the investor through to the life of investment. The ICM utilizes adept skills that include excellent negotiations, creative note structuring for win, wins for seller and buyer, strategic team mobilization, market knowledge, excellent marketing and sales prowess and money management to ensure that investor returns are not only obtained as projected but increased through any restructuring and or recovery and resale milestones that occur.

 REITs, Bonds and Dividend Paying Stocks

 4. As the above are our preferred inclusions in a balanced high performing secured investment portfolio. We will provide our content on the subject as described in our Income investing and REITs page. We will introduce capable licensed securities brokers and registered advisers to assist the investor select the best REITs, Bonds and Dividend Paying Stocks for their portfolios. Additional educational opportunities will be provided to investors as needed. Our trusted investment adviser teams on our website will also be recommended for consideration and quotation. Our goal is to add value to all that you invest in and enable you our visitor and client to succeed in all your investment endeavors. We at will mobilize the best ICM or recommend the right professionals to make your journey easiest. Let us add the best value we can to you, it will be our pleasure, contact our adept team today.

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