Investment Capital Management that Delivers! (continued)

Investment Capital Management using Emerging Market Real Estate and large sector opportunities (Offshore – Sub Saharan Africa)

2.    Utilize the syndication process of item 1 and or establishing an LLC with operating agreements accepted by accredited investor for asset investment in a large emerging market. Investors will be presented with projects secured with collateral, a high demand, low labor cost, high price retail market and high barrier of entry market to capitalize from. Projects include development and sale with particular benefit of presale payments that lowers cost and increase profits for an overall investment period of 2-3 years. Projects with high double digit returns obtained with an adept Investment Capital Management focused on multiple troubleshooting and exit strategies for capital preservation and profit while delivering outstanding product to the public. Alternate project types include development and redevelopment of multifamily condominium and hotel projects in full facility Estates accomplished with shopping centers, clinics, day care centers, recreation centers, chapels etc. for a self-sustaining Estate experience. The key why the ICM succeeds is simple: Project selection, use of quantitative capital management, extensive planning for optimization and cover to mitigate and adjust for worst case scenarios to ensure even in that case investor returns are satisfactory. The ICM will constantly monitor projects pro-actively with a balance of experienced professionals incentivized with the right systems to focus on the money management, investor profits and reputation.

 In accordance with investor preferences, there will be introductions to credible and high performance private equity companies investing in quality assets and investment opportunities with established and growing small medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets seeking partnerships, buyouts and or financing. Facilitate investor setting up and operating in large sustainable emerging markets that include the power, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, financial services, real estate, manufacturing and other sectors. Facilitation shall include introduction to top agency officials, pertinent ministers and governors; facilitating land allocation to investors with the state government under joint venture; opening up government incentives of tax holidays (free trade zones), 100% investor repatriation of funds, reduced permit fees and challenges; introduction of professionals to fast track and add value to investor business operations.

 As can be seen, the Investment Capital Management is key to the success of an emerging market real estate project both onshore and especially offshore. Get your emerging markets real estate investment projects unto a fast and contact our adept team today.

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